Farm Fresh Meats

north-florida-natural-black-angusPREMIUM BEEF- 

Locally Produced – USDA Certified

North Florida Natural Black Angus beef is the premier product of Fifth Generation Farms. This delicious beef is produced on our family  farm.

NFNBA Cattle:

  • are locally raised on green grass pastures with a free ration of natural grains.  (In other words, the cattle roam freely, eating grass and grains as they desire.)
  • are NEVER given antibiotics, added hormones or any other growth stimulants.
  • are NEVER fed animal by-products.

North Florida Natural Black Angus beef is locally processed and dry-aged for full flavor – FRESH from our farm to your family!  Our primary goal is to provide Fifth Generation Farms’ customers with premium quality beef that is nutritious and delicious – NATURALLY!

CUSTOM MEAT CUTTING at Fifth Generation Farms
Our meat experts will gladly custom cut your special order (up to one hour before closing).   If you call ahead, we will have it ready for you!
We offer family meat pack specialscheck them out here!
The “Natural” beef market in the United States is exploding as a result of rapidly growing consumer demand for healthier and better tasting beef, free of growth hormones, antibiotics and other artificially added chemicals. Growth has been driven by healthier eating choices; food scares and health related issues as well as the popularity of “Organic” and “Natural” products available at the retail level.
Along with the NFNBA Signature Beef we also offer a full line of other fresh meats… and we continue to add new products every day! Check out our FAMILY MEAT PACKAGES and order one for your freezer today!

Farm-Fresh Produce

When produce is shipped hundreds or thousands of miles, it loses crispness, flavor, and nutrients on the way. Foods grown to be shipped may be picked before they ripen and treated with more chemicals. Local foods haven’t traveled as far and are fresher.

As the seasons change, so do crops. If you eat locally, you’ll be trying new things throughout the year. You’re also likely to be eating what naturally grows in your area. While industrial, corporate farms grow varieties that ripen quickly and store well, family farmers often cultivate heirloom varieties that are unique to your home and a part of its heritage.

Fifth Generation Farms has linked up with other area farmers to offer the freshest produce you will find anywhere!  Our local growers are committed to limiting the use of pesticides and chemicals in the growing and cultivation process and use only minimal amounts of safe products approved by the USDA.  Also, we are excited to announce we now have a variety of organic fruits & vegetables available at Fifth Generation Farms!

Local Specialties

Our Local Producers & Vendors list is growing every day!

  • Lauri Jo’s Southern Canning Co. (Norman Park, GA)
  • Cogdell Berry Farm (Homerville, GA)
  • Lee’s Cane Syrup (Statesboro, GA)
  • Blackberry Patch Syrups (Thomasville, GA)
  • Thomas Honey (Lake City, FL)
  • Mrs. Leslie’s 10 Layer Cakes (Madison, FL)
  • Swamp Mustard (Lake City, FL)
  • Croft Farm House BBQ Sauce (Dunnellon, FL)
  • Danny’s Bald Head BBQ Sauce (Tampa, FL)
  • Buttman’s Seasoning (Lake City, FL)
  • Redneck Pepper (Lake City, FL)
  • King Louie’s Seasonings (Fitzgerald, GA)
  • Legg’s Seasoning (Jacksonville, FL)
  • Dixie Heat Pepper Sauce (Old Town, FL)
  • Spring Head Ranch/Free Range Eggs (Lake City, FL)
  • Wainwright Dairy (Live Oak, FL)
  • Lilly’s Soap & Such/Goat Milk Soap (Live Oak, FL)
  • South Georgia Pecan Co. (Valdosta, GA)
  • Wainwright Pecans (Live Oak, FL)
  • O’Tooles Herb Farm (Madison, FL)
  • Nettles Sausage (Lake City, FL)
  • C&J Natural Pork (Gainesville, FL)
  • “Chasteens Downtown” Casseroles (Lake City, FL)
  • Georgia Olive Farms (Lakeland, GA)
  • Sweetwater Organic Coffee Co. (Gainesville, FL)
  • The Flour Pot Bakery (Gainesville, FL)
  • Gayla’s Grits (Lakeland, GA)
  • Bradley’s Country Store-Stoneground Grits (Tallahassee, FL)
  • Hoover Farms Produce (Live Oak, FL)
  • GOMI Goat’s Milk Soaps (Lake City, FL)
  • Dillon’s Candy Co. (Boston, GA)
  • Gator Hammock Sauces & Seasoning (Felda, FL)
  • Decatur Fish Farm (Bainbridge, GA)
  • Phickles Pickles (Athens, GA)
  • Williston Peanut Butter (Williston, FL)
  • Dreaming Cow Yogurt (Pavo, GA)
  • Braswell’s Jams & Jellies (Statesboro, GA)
  • Everglades Seasoning (Sebring, FL)
  • Dr. Pete’s Sauces, Glazes, & Baking Mixes (Savannah, GA)
  • Savannah Bee Co. (Savannah, GA)