North Florida Natural Black Angus

The Dicks family has raised cattle in North Florida for over 100 years, always striving to provide the best beef in the business.

North Florida Natural Black Angus is superior natural Angus beef with premium taste that’s nutritious, fresh and safe for our family and friends.

Why select North Florida Natural Black Angus?

  • Our cattle are locally raised on green grass pastures and natural grains. ¬†They are NEVER fed animal by-products.
  • Having a closed herd makes it possible to raise our beef with NO antibiotics or added hormones EVER!
  • North Florida Natural Black Angus is locally processed and dry-aged for full flavor and tenderness…FRESH from our farm to YOU!
  • Our primary goal is to provide you and your family with premium quality beef that is nutritious and delicious – NATURALLY!

We pledge to continue caring for our land and animals with sustainable practices, ensuring our fifth generation family farm will prosper for many generations to come.